A board is a team of knowledge workers, and to do its job, the board needs the same resources and capabilities that any other successful team of knowledge workers needs.

As outside facilitators, we strive to ease the process, and

This third-party confidentiality brings an added level of neutrality to the end discussion.

We believe a combination of performance assessment and priority-setting is the foundation of superior board performance over time; we enable stakeholders -

We work with public, private, and non-profit organizations to design and implement board evaluations that help to improve board and management alignment, while also promoting a culture of communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

The best boards are always asking, “How can we do this even better?”

Board Assessment / Evaluation

Board self‐assessment is a logical component of this work and a great place to start. No one can evaluate a board but the board itself. Nevertheless, self-evaluation need not be a self-serving evaluation.

We’ve built tools with a focus on boards & their members; In actionable steps, our online assessment tools enable boards to create questionnaires for a variety of evaluation purposes that can align with your existing or new formats

We provide an intuitive workflow for board members by having all board-related materials stored safely & securely

Experience the Board Assessment Online Tool

Questionnaire Templates for a Board Assessment

<aside> 💡 The Board Assessment questionnaire itself is always available for anyone to download and self-administer for free.


Board Governance Tools

Peer Review for Boards

Self Review

Chair Review

Governance checklist

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Steps in a board self-assessment process